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Just a few decades ago, Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs, mountain yellow-legged frogs and Yosemite toads were fairly plentiful in California's high-up places. But predation by exotic introduced trout, disease, pesticides and habitat destruction are pushing these creatures dangerously close to extinction. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to list these two species under the Endangered Species Act.  That proposal has some California politicians’ panties in a bunch.  They either don’t understand the Endangered Species Act or are deliberately distorting facts to fuel fear.  They claim the designating of critical habitat will costs jobs and restrict access to public land. This is simply untrue. Designating critical habitat ensures federal agencies don't take actions that degrade or destroy necessary habitat. It benefits us humans as well by protecting the water sources and ecosystem health upon which we, and our economy, ultimately depend.

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