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Bangladesh Injured Worker Relief Fund

Please Donate Now to Help Victims of Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Give. Today. For those who paid an unforgivable price for their jobs, making the clothes that we buy.

The death toll of the Rana Plaza factory building collapse in Bangladesh reached more than 1,100. Hundreds of severely injured workers have been sent home to make room for those even more severely injured. These workers are in need of care, but are being sent home with nothing ─ no medical care, no medicines, no rehabilitation, no money for food or rent. These workers and their families are in desperate need of help.

Please join us in giving. Every dollar will go to helping the injured workers. Here and now ─ today ─ the simple human need must be answered.

Why is your gift vital and urgent? Read Institue director Charles Kernaghan’s letter

"How will we survive?" Injured workers speak out.  

Updates, photos and interview on Bangladesh factory collapse

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* Please be advised that there is a $5 minimum for online credit card contribution. 

** International Donations: if you wish to make a contribution or payment and do not have a U.S. credit card, please go to our interim international donation page hosted by Democracy Engine. Please kindly email us at inbox@glhr.org so that we can earmark your international donation for the Relief Fund.

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The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible. Every cent will be sent to Bangladesh to help workers injured in the Rana Plaza collapse and their families.