Stand up for forests

NAMM lobbying against forestsThe National Association of Music Merchants, which represents businesses that manufacture, distribute or retail musical instruments or products, is having its trade show in Anaheim, California this weekend. Unfortunately, NAMM has been supporting the RELIEF Act, a bill that would weaken protections against illegal logging of forests. If enacted, forests, wildlife and communities would be in greater danger. Stand with Friends of the Earth, musician Razia Said and others to ask NAMM to stop lobbying against forests.

Sign the petition to urge NAMM's President and CEO Joe Lamond and Chairman Kevin Cranley to reconsider their support for the RELIEF Act.

Illegal logging is one of the great environmental threats of our time -- devastating forests, wildlife and traditional communities around the world. Many of the woods upon which great music and the music industry depend are at high risk for illegal logging. Brazilian Rosewood, once ubiquitous in guitars and other stringed instruments, is now under imminent threat of extinction. Many other species, such as ebony, are harvested unsustainably by illegal operators.

We must preserve these materials for future artists, for the future of music itself, and for a living planet. We urge you to reconsider your support for the RELIEF Act (HR 3210). We appreciate your organization’s desire to respond to specific concerns of the music community. However, the RELIEF Act does not answer those concerns, but instead weakens the 2008 amendments to the Lacey Act, a law you support, and threatens to reverse important gains in curbing illegal logging.
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