Tell the FDA: No GE salmon on our plates

genetically engineered salmon graphicRight before the year-end holidays, the FDA announced a positive Environmental Assessment on genetically engineered salmon, paving the way for its eventual approval for human consumption. Thanks to the FDA, genetically engineered salmon would be the first-ever engineered animal that could sneak onto our dinner plates -- and it won’t be labeled.

Since 2010, Friends of the Earth has, with your help, worked to stymie Aquabounty’s hopes for approval. It’s up to us again.

Please urge the FDA to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement that captures the many environmental, economic and social risks of genetically engineered salmon. Once the FDA has done its due diligence, we believe it will have no choice but to reject this frankenfish.

Submit a comment below to tell the FDA to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement and keep frankenfish off our plates!

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