Pledge to stand against the Keystone XL pipeline

The election is over, and one thing is clear about President Obama's second term: he faces an enormous mandate to take serious action on climate change. His move to deny the Keystone XL permit in January 2012 was the right decision, but this zombie pipeline could rise again at any moment.

Now more than ever, the president must reject the pipeline's proposal outright. What President Obama decides on this project will set the tone for the next four years, and we need him to begin his second term on the right track for climate action.

The Keystone XL pipeline remains one of the largest threats to our climate: the Alberta tar sands contain gigatons of carbon, enough to radically alter our climate if fully tapped by Big Oil. The Keystone XL pipeline would also threaten Midwestern communities' fragile aquifers with the threat of toxic tar sands oil spills.

On Sunday, February 17, thousands of activists will gather on the National Mall to call on the president to reject the pipeline. No matter where you are, you can raise your voice in protest by signing this pledge against the Keystone XL.

Stand with us and sign the pledge below!

I will stand in the way of the Keystone XL pipeline.

I will not allow it to pollute our water, dirty our land and endanger our future.

I will fight it at home and in Washington, D.C.
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