Help urge the USDA to say "no" to genetically engineered apples

The USDA is considering approving an apple genetically engineered to not turn brown when cut open. This non-browning apple, from the Canadian company Okanagan Specialty Fruits, is a useless and risky response to a nonexistent problem.

Consumers and apple growers alike do not want genetically engineered apples. Apple growers are worried that the non-browning apples will mislead consumers into thinking their fruit is more fresh than it actually is. The GE apples could also pollinate with their trees and contaminate their natural fruit, potentially causing major economic consequences and irreversibly impacting biodiversity.

To make matters worse, GE apples and products containing them would not be labeled at the supermarket, so consumers would have no way of knowing which kind of apple they are really buying.

Join us in telling the USDA that GE apples are unnecessary, expensive and risky to the environment and consumers alike. We do not want them on our grocery shelves, on our fruit stands or in our apple pies.

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