Call the EPA: Stop an Army Corps rubber stamp for Keystone XL

Stop the rubber-stamping of Keystone XLThis week, Canadian oil giant TransCanada began receiving a rubber stamp on the only permit it needs to break ground on the southern leg of the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Oklahoma through Texas to the Gulf Coast.

TransCanada exploited a weak permitting process through the Army Corps of Engineers with the hope that it would allow the Keystone XL southern segment to traverse hundreds of vital water crossings through Oklahoma and Texas without any public input or scientific review.

The clock is winding down, with one of three Army Corps of Engineers offices already giving TransCanada a rubber stamp. But we still have time to convince EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to intervene.

Can you call EPA headquarters today to urge Administrator Lisa Jackson to intervene in the Army Corps’ rubber-stamping of Keystone XL and order a full environmental review?

1. Call EPA headquarters at 202-564-4700. (This number will connect you to staff in the Office of Administrator Lisa Jackson -- or you could get prompted to leave a voice message.)

2. Deliver your message to EPA Administrator Jackson:

“Hello. This is YOUR NAME calling from YOUR TOWN. I'm calling because I'm concerned that the Army Corps of Engineers has begun rubber-stamping water permits for the Keystone XL pipeline through Oklahoma and Texas -- without any public review or input. The pipeline would inflate Big Oil profits, while threatening the water of our communities, worsening air pollution and speeding climate change.

I urge the EPA to stand up for the public and intervene to ensure a truly rigorous environmental review. Administrator Jackson has been the one leader in the Obama Administration most willing to take a stand against corporate polluters and we're depending on her to be a hero once again.”

3. Report your call to us using the form below.

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