Tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: Prevent the rubber-stamping of the Keystone XL pipeline through Oklahoma and Texas.

EPA: Stop the rubber-stamping of Keystone XLIn less than 45 days, Canadian oil giant TransCanada could receive the rubber stamp it wants to build the southern leg of the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Oklahoma through Texas to the Gulf Coast -- unless we convince the Environmental Protection Agency to intervene.

News broke last week that, in addition to submitting its re-application to the State Department for the transboundary, northern half of its pipeline, TransCanada has also submitted its application for the only federal permit it needs to start building the southern half -- a water permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps of Engineers, which has an abysmal environmental track record, has a maximum of 45 days to approve or reject TransCanada’s application. Or, if they do nothing it will be approved by default.

The EPA regional office already objected to this fast-tracked approval process -- and pressure from you will help convince EPA headquarters to stop it.

Please sign the letter below to tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to prevent the rubber-stamping of the Keystone XL pipeline through Oklahoma and Texas:

Lisa Jackson

Environmental Protection Agency

Washington, DC 20004

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