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Jewish Voice for Peace

Arab, Muslim and progressive students of all identities should not be in fear of censure, discipline or reputational smear for criticizing injustice and demanding Palestinian equal rights.

Protect free speech on California campuses.

Ask Sacramento to vote NO on Resolution 76!

Vote as early as this week. Act today!

Dear Supporter,

This year students across the University of California system held lively debates on the Israeli occupation and divestment from companies profiting from it. Now some legislators in Sacramento want to thwart that ongoing discussion.

The California Assembly is considering this week Resolution 76, which opens the door to condemning advocacy for Palestinian human rights in California campuses, while ironically giving lip service to free speech on campus. Ask your representative there to vote NO on Assembly Concurrent Resolution 76.

A year ago, the Assembly passed House Resolution 35, an even worse measure that equated criticism of Israeli policies with anti-Semitism, falsely painted a picture of Jewish students at the University of California system as under attack and actually called on university administrators to violate the Constitution by barring certain speech protected by the First Amendment and California law.

In fact, this very week, the U.S. Department of Education dismissed another act of legal bullying: complaints against UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine falsely claiming that the pro-Palestinian activism at these campuses created a hostile and anti-Semitic environment for Jewish students on campus. HR 35 did not improve the campus environment, nor did it make students any safer. What it did was to provide a club for those who want to demonize and squelch campus support for Palestinian rights.

Resolution 76 will do the same as HR 35, only with a slightly prettier face. 

Resolution 76 passed the Assembly Higher Education Committee on Aug. 27, but just barely. You can help us defeat it by contacting your representative today – Democrat or Republican alike, as the committee votes crossed party lines.

Tell Sacramento to stop meddling with free speech on campus.


David Mandel
Jewish Voice for Peace-Sacramento