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Jewish Voice for Peace

Politicians in Sacramento should not mess
with student democracy.

Tell your Assembly Representative and Senator to respect the student divestment votes. 

take action!

Dear Supporter,

We've seen in the last few months a number of University of California campuses debate and vote on divestment from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation. Some campuses voted yeay, others nay.

But some Sacramento politicians seem not to like this example of student democracy. Instead, some have signed a letter to the Regents of the University of California, condemning the pro-divestment votes.

Over 30 legislators have already signed and more signatures are on the way. We need your help to stem the tide. Can you help us ask Sacramento politicians not to meddle with student democracy?

Click here to contact your California Assembly Representative and Senator.

We are talking about legislators who know from their own experience that when a vote takes place, majority rules. And yet these legislators express concern about student senate votes only when divestment wins the vote.

The divestment resolutions that passed in UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and UC Berkeley followed extensive public hearings and many hours of open and transparent deliberations by senators elected to represent the students and make decisions. When Sacramento politicians get in the middle, they send the wrong message to students.

Why the rush to condemn these resolutions? Sacramento politicians call them "divisive." They are not. These resolutions have been consistently supported by a wide array of campus groups--united in their desire not to see their tuition money contribute to human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The letter to the UC Regents will be sent at a time when students are either busy with finals or are already out of school, so they cannot organize a forceful response to this political interference. 

Will join us in standing up for student democracy? Click here to contact your legislator!


Sydney Levy
Director of Advocacy
Jewish Voice for Peace