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Share this video to answer the question—what are Palestinians and Israelis really fighting over, and what is the solution?
While the world discusses the UN vote,
this is our day to bypass the media and directly educate others. Click below to share.


Dear Supporter,

Hours from now, Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, will go to the United Nations and ask 193 countries to vote for non-member observer status for Palestine.

With the expected support of as many as 150 countries, the bid will likely pass easily.

This vote will not create an independent Palestinian state.

It could, however, give Palestinians the ability to hold Israel accountable in the International Criminal Court. Despite its limitations as a tool to achieve a fair resolution, Jewish Voice for Peace supports the move.

A successful bid will show that the majority of the world’s countries support Palestinian political and social rights.

Meanwhile, Israel and the United States are lobbying furiously against it. Both countries, which say they support Palestinian independence, have worked at nearly every turn against a just and lasting peace for both peoples.

Today represents another critical opportunity for all of us.

Today the people you go to school, worship and work with, will be reading about Palestine/Israel in blogs, newspapers, Facebook, everywhere. They may wonder: why are Palestinians stateless? Why are Israel and the United States opposed to most of the world? Why are they fighting anyway?

This is your moment.

We’ve put together a 6-minute animation that explains what Israelis and Palestinians are fighting over. It’s not meant to be comprehensive, but it is meant to give you a tool to frame the conflict as one about the struggle for equal rights to the land, the vote, the roads, the resources. And it talks about why one of the important tools to move toward a solution is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Posting and forwarding this video is your way to be heard-- you can bet we will not be heard through the mainstream media, not in the United States anyway. So if you were ever going to post or forward something, today is the day.

I’m sending this to 125,000 of you across the U.S. and beyond. Let’s all work together and do as much education as we can in one day. Forward this email. Post on Facebook or Twitter.

Israel and the US have again threatened retribution against the Palestinians and the UN should this bid succeed. Powerful (but fearful!) members of the U.S. Congress have introduced an amendment to a key defense budget bill that would pull U.S. funding from countries voting to support the vote, and even from the U.N. itself.

Let’s make sure people understand why any of this matters, why so-called ‘peace talks’ have failed, and what they can do to make a difference, now, in their homes and schools and workplaces.


Cecilie Surasky
Jewish Voice for Peace

P.S. You can just forward this email to share the video with others.