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Freedom for the Freedom Riders! Write the State Department

On November 15th, a historic group of Palestinian Freedom Riders, inspired by the US Civil Rights movement attempted to board segregated buses serving Israeli settlers in the West Bank. Their attempt to exercise their right to liberty and dignity by disrupting the military regime of the Occupation through peaceful civil disobedience was met with violent arrest. Please write a letter to the State Department demanding an end to Israel's discriminatory restrictions on freedom of movement and allow the next group of Freedom Riders through. This action was coordinated with the Palestinian Freedom Riders and the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.
For background information, click here.

Jake Walles

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs

Paul Sutphin

Director Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs


No More Demolished Villages

Media coverage: Forward: A JNF Drive To Make the Desert Bloom Means Destruction for a Bedouin Village Click here to join our February 18th call-in day to the Jewish National Fund. Media Advisory 18 Israeli and American Jewish groups:

TIAA-CREF: Divest from the occupation

Ask one of the largest financial services in the United States to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation.

Israeli Artists Condemn Settlements

When some 60 leading Israeli actors and playwrights signed a letter stating they would refuse to play in the new theatre in Ariel, one of Israel's largest settlements, the attacks from Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel's Minister of Culture and Sport and many others were swift and intense. Over 150 leading Israeli academics and writers- including Amos Oz and David Grossman- came to their defense.

Support human rights advocates

* Tell American-Jewish leaders to speak out against these abuses

Campus divestment

Students around the country are calling for investor activism to address human rights violations against Palestinians. Download our full statement on BDS.

JVP's Rabbinical Council

We are so deeply proud to introduce the new Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council co-chaired by Rabbis Brant Rosen and Alissa Wise (pictured above).