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Open Letter to Governor Mitt Romney: Apologize to the Palestinian People

 Tell Mitt Romney that his racism and ignorance in Jerusalem was unacceptable.

To Governor Mitt Romney,

Your statements in Jerusalem regarding the growth of the Palestinian and Israeli economies were inaccurate and misleading. Israel's Occupation of Palestinian land makes it impossible for the Palestinian economy to succeed, not "cultural differences." Your comments were not a reflection of the values Jews, Americans, and our allies hold dear. We call on you to apologize to the Palestinian people for your willful lack of understanding of the facts on the ground and the racist assumptions behind them.
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During his trip to Jerusalem, Mitt Romney made some statements that were not only wrong, but, frankly, racist and ignorant. 


Palestinian workers wait at a checkpoint.

Romney declared that "cultural differences" were the reason the Palestinian economy is not doing as well as Israel's, without even acknowledging the Occupation.  On top of that, he managed to get his facts completely wrong, claiming the Israeli GDP is twice that of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, when in fact it is actually about ten times as high.

Please help us send a message to Mitt Romney that this kind of ignorance and racism is unacceptable.  JVP members in Boston will be delivering your signature personally to Romney Headquarters.  Let's get enough signatures that he'll know that his statements were not a reflection of our Jewish or American values.