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[Correction: photo taken in Irbil, not Beruit]
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Iraqi Judge Grants Another Delay in Oil Ministry Case Against Union Leader

USLAW received word today from Iraq that the judge who is hearing the case filed by the Ministry of Oil against Hassan Juma'a Awad, President of the Iraq Federation of Oil Unions, granted another delay (the 5th) until June 3rd.

The Ministry, through the management of the South Oil Company, charges that Brother Hassan is personally responsible for the effects strikes by oil workers have a had on the Iraqi economy.  If convicted, he could face stiff fines and three years in prison.

But today in a meeting in the judge's chamber between Hassan's lawyer and the company attorney with the judge, the company lawyer once again could produce no evidence or witnesses to support Ministry claims.

The judge granted until June 3rd for the SOC to make its case.  Brother Hassan was accompanied to the court by members of other unions and civil society organizations.

Iraqi union leaders gather in Irbil for meeting sponsored by Solidarity Center (Hassan Juma'a, wearing white shirt, row 1, third from left)

Meanwhile, international solidarity continues to build. 

The open letter to Prime Minister al-Maliki has been signed by 41 national and international unions and federations, 44 local unions and sixty-eight non-governmental organizations from 21 countries.  A petition sponsored by USLAW has been signed by more than 1000 individuals.  [Both are open for additional signers.]

With help from the USLAW Iraq Labor Solidarity Fund, Brother Juma'a has been able to retain a lawyer.  But additional legal expenses may be incurred.  The Solidarity Fund relies on contributions from individuals and organizations to be able to provide financial support to Iraqi unions.  

Your donation to U.S. Labor Against the War will help to assure USLAW can continue to provide solidarity and support to the unions in Iraq.

Later this week USLAW will convene an international conference call with its partners in the global labor movement to plan next steps.  If your organization has not yet signed the letter, please ask its officers to do so.

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"....the strife of Iraqi workers and support of International organizations to us, such as the Solidarity Center, ITUC and USLAW has given us the biggest motivation to continue our work in spite that the government of Iraq has prohibited unions activities in the largest sector which is the Public or State sector that forms 80% of Iraqi labor...." 
[From Hassan Juma'a Awad message to conference of Egyptian unions]


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