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Peace Demands Action

Together, we have the strength of numbers to affect positive, practical change. A world free from war is something worth working for.

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For a more just and peaceful future:

  • Peace Action's Move the Money campaign will continue to press for federal budget priorities that fund human needs instead of war profiteers.
  • Our Diplomacy, Not War campaign promotes an end to the so-called war on terror and a demilitarized foreign policy where international cooperation creates a new, collective security.
  • The global campaign for Nuclear Abolition must succeed so that we may all be truly safe from the threat of mass destruction.

Over 90% of Peace Action's revenues come directly from people like you!

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Along with becoming a member, there are numerous ways you can financially support your organization.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Peace Action Education Fund. Help educate the public on our issues.

Consider a trust, stock, security, or other planned gift. For more information on the many options available and to discuss your specific needs please contact our Development Director at

Because of our highly effective lobbying and political campaigns, contributions to Peace Action are not tax-deductible.