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At the National Zoo, we are doing all we can to save Asian elephants from extinction and provide the best possible care for them in zoos. Unless we act now, Asian elephants could soon be extinct. Human-elephant conflict and habitat loss have decreased wild populations by 70 percent. Asian elephants in zoos are facing challenges, too. Zoo populations have significantly declined and could disappear within our lifetime.

To help accomplish these goals, we launched a project called Elephant Trails, a comprehensive breeding, education, and scientific research program designed to help scientists care for elephants in zoos and save them in the wild. The cornerstone of this effort is a new, expanded home for elephants in the Zoo, including the Elephant Community Center, which opened on March 23, 2013. Your generous contribution will help us maintain the beautiful and enriching new facilities, enhance our interpretive and educational displays, and provide enrichment for our magnificent herd.

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