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The Cocoa Tree

Dark Chocolate Tasting and Educational Presentation

Thursday, November 1
National Zoo Visitor Center

$15 general admission
$10 Smithsonian Migratory Bird Club

To most Americans the word "chocolate" conjures up images of fragrant, dark, sweet decadence. Rich tortes topped with a glaze or a drizzle. Gooey cakes whose centers hide rich chocolate flow. A small number may reflect upon cocoa's history in Central America, when Mayan rulers sipped a spiced and frothed concoction. Fewer might consider the people and modern processes that take it from cocoa seedling to chocolate bar. And fewer still will realize how cacao farmers can be regarded as guardians of biodiversity.
Join the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) as we ponder, taste and learn all about chocolate at this gourmet event. SMBC staff scientists will talk about the Center's involvement in helping to define sustainable cocoa production. Kallari Chocolate, an Ecuadorian cocoa grower, will offer tastings of their gourmet chocolates which are touted as being "four times as fair as 'Fair Trade'.” They will also lead guests through their production process that takes only three months between harvest time and destination.
Your evening of decadence continues as you’ll taste many of the top-rated, gourmet, fair trade, and organic dark chocolates on the market today. You’ll learn how to distinguish chocolate notes and roasting techniques, as well as recognize origins with the help of two experienced chocolatiers. 
Join us as we taste our way through chocolate’s mystical origins and exciting future.

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