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cheetahListed as vulnerable to extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, cheetah populations in Africa have plummeted from decades of hunting and habitat loss. Adding to the problem, populations in North American zoos are declining due to breeding issues and disease. Although much has been learned about how to save this extraordinary animal, we need to do more to protect the future of cheetahs in nature and in zoos.

You can play a critical role in the success of our cheetah conservation program by helping us raise $300,000. With your support, the National Zoo can provide a brighter future for cheetahs by:

Increasing cheetah populations
Enhancing cheetah health
Helping cheetahs everywhere
Creating conservation leaders

Learn more about our cheetah conservation program.

Help us keep the world's fastest land mammal off the fast track to extinction. Support the National Zoo's cheetah conservation program today.

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