JFREJ Campaign for Police Accountability

Contact your City Council member TODAY and urge them to vote YES to override Bloomberg's veto of the Community Safety Act!

Fill in your zip code below (next to the submit button) to get your Council member's phone number, then follow the phone script that follows!

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Phone calls are far more likely to make an impact that emails alone—So please call if you can! A suggested script is provided below the 'Submit' button.

Mayor Bloomberg vetoed two major police reform bills, banning discriminatory profiling and creating independent oversight of the NYPD. They both passed the City Council with the 34 votes we need to overcome the veto; we just need all 34 Council Members to again vote for the Community Safety Act.

In his time as mayor, Bloomberg has increased the number of “Stop-and-Frisks” 600%.  Stop-and-Frisk and other “broken windows” policing aggressively targets low-income communities of color, young people, homeless people, LGBT people, people with disabilities, and immigrants. We all need safe communities -- for our kids, our parents, our friends, and our loved ones. But violating people’s fundamental civil rights will not make us safer. Click here to learn more about the Community Safety Act.

NOTE: After you enter your zip code and click "Submit", you will be asked to enter your complete address including your nine-digit zip code. Your street address goes in the top field, the first five digits go in the middle field, and the extra four digits of your full zip code go in the bottom field. Once you've completed your call, you can use the new form which appears above the script to let us know and tell us how it went!

Recommended Call Script:

Hi, my name is [your name] and I'm a constituent of Council Member [CM name]'s from [neighborhood].

I'm calling to ask that they vote to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto of the Community Safety Act: Intro. 1080, which protects New Yorkers from discriminatory profiling by the NYPD, and Intro. 1079, which establishes independent oversight of the NYPD, and to express my support for both bills.

As a community member, the issue of discriminatory policing is important to me because [choose your own reason from list below or give your own reason]:

  1. I've witnessed friends and/or neighbors be subject to discriminatory policing, and feel it's harming my community
  2. I've been subject to discriminatory policing, and I trust the police less as a result
  3. I feel afraid to hang out in certain neighborhoods, carry condoms, attend my place of worship, [etc] because of discriminatory policing
  4. I feel that these policies don't keep me safe but instead create more unsafe environments in high crime areas by weakening the relationship between the police and my community.

I want these bills to pass because they will help change the culture of policing in our city, and I hope Council Member [CM name] will vote to override the vetos of these bills. Can we count on Council Member [Name] to vote for the veto override on Intros 1079 and 1080 of the Community Safety Act?