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Dear Friends, 
In Washington the tulips are busting through the thawed ground and the cherry blossoms are blooming. Since ancient times this transition to Spring marks new life. Many of us are in the midst of various religious celebrations that remind us that the marginalized can struggle and win their liberation.  
See Jubilee's One on One Interview with National Canadian Public Television (CBC)
On behalf of all at Jubilee, we would like to wish you and your loved ones revitalization as Spring emerges. Because of your partnership and support, we have been proclaiming liberation hopes on tens of thousands of airwaves and news outlets in recent weeks. I hope that you enjoy some of the notable press coverage we received on Jubilee's issues:
Vulture Funds:
AFP (2/27)
On The New Pope's Emphasis on Poverty: 
Special Section of Washington Post (3/13)
Front Page Story of Boston Globe (3/14)
Bloomberg (3/14)
Jubilee's one-on-one with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) (3/14)
IMF Quotas: 
Jubilee's Work on Amendments to the Senate Budget Resolution to Cut Corporate Offshore Loopholes: 
Common Dreams (3/21) 
London Accord: 
Público (3/12)
A Budget to Protect the Vulnerable and the Circle of Protection: 
The Jubilee team looks forward to continue to work side by side with you to Proclaim Jubilee. 
In Hope,  
Eric LeCompte
Executive Director
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