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Urgent! Tell Congress, COSPONSOR the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act (H.R.1554)

We need your help - Please send a letter to your Representative today to cosponsor the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act (H.R.1554).  This legislation addresses a systemic cause of poverty - the fact that many multinational corporations don't pay taxes to the developing governments that need the revenue most. Between 2000 and 2008, 6.5 trillion dollars left the developing world completely untaxed. If this money had been taxed modestly, we wouldn't be facing a global debt crisis and there would be better access to food in the poorest countries. A key way this legislation curbs tax dodging is by requiring country-by-country reporting of corporate payments to governments. 

This is good legislation that also has positive impacts for us in the United States, curbs corruption globally and gives us the information we need to start addressing global corporate tax avoidance.
Send a letter to your Representative and urge them to cosponsor the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act (H.R.1554) to help curb this behavior that perpetuates the cycle of poverty around the globe.
Photo: The building is a well-known tax haven called the Ugland House in the Cayman Islands that houses 18,857 registered businesses.


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