Now is the Time to End "Observation Status"

Here are two ways you can help – pick either, or both!

1. Call your legislators using the numbers below (shown after you insert your zip code), and tell them:

     •   Your name
     •   Your town
     •   The improper use of observation status is illegal, harmful and unfair, and forcesMedicare beneficiaries to absorb costs that otherwise would be paid for under Medicare Part A.
     •   If you, or someone you know, was placed under Observation Status
              •   If so, what happened as a result, financially, physically or emotionally
     •   To support the "Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2013" so people get the coverage they deserve

2. Send a Letter - Enter your zip and we'll provide a letter to your legislators that you can send with a click, or, even better, edit it to tell your story!