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Ask Your Representative to Oppose Militarization at Home and Abroad

Ask your Representative to cosponsor of HR 5478, The Stop Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, and HR 2989, The Latin America Military Training Review Act, or thank them for already having done so.

HR 5478 would severely limit the types of equipment the Pentagon could transfer to local police, preventing transfers of high-caliber weapons, long-range acoustic devices, grenade launchers, weaponized drones, armored military vehicles, and grenades or similar explosives in most cases. HR 2989 would not only suspend and investigate the School of the Americas, but would also require a review of all U.S. military training of Latin American security forces. Such a review of our training and military aid is essential given the skyrocketing costs in lives and money due to the War on Drugs, the ongoing human rights abuses committed by U.S. trained security forces, and the role militarization plays as a root cause of migration.

Please ask your Representative to support both bills by taking a minute to fill out the following information.