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Art is Not a Crime - Drop the Charges

Art activism has been a key element of social protest and social change. Four of our friends have been arrested and charged with "defacing public or private property," for pasting up a commemorative mural with water-dissolvable wheat paste (click here to watch a video of the mural action). They are facing a maximum sentence of up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Please sign the petition and hit the submit button below to ask U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen Jr. to drop the charges.

1-25 of 2439 signatures
Number Date Name Location Your message:
2439 3 weeks ago Michael DeMoran Venice, FL
2438 4 weeks ago Carolina Valder Charlotte, NC
2437 1 month ago jim head oak park, MI
2436 1 month ago Alise Pemsler Eagle, ID
2435 1 month ago Jerry Pendergast Chicago, IL
2434 1 month ago Sojat Hills Little Falls, NY
2433 1 month ago William Leight Amherst, MA
2432 1 month ago Linda Gilbert Manchester, CT
2431 1 month ago Scott A. Weir Durham, NC I was taught that the US is a government of laws, not of men. But using the law selectively to punish and suppress peaceful dissent is always counterproductive, and carried to its extreme can result...
2430 1 month ago Marlena Santoyo Philadelphia, PA
2429 1 month ago Christiane Pistor New York, NY U.S. Attorney Machen,

On Wednesday, May 14, human rights activists engaged in a first amendment activity by pasting up a mural with water-dissolvable wheat paste in Washington, DC. The mur...
2428 1 month ago Alessandra Bravo Sarasota, FL
2427 1 month ago Christopher Radulich Apollo Beach, FL
2426 1 month ago Steve Fryburg Bellbrook, OH Another way of suppressing the ideas of the people.
2425 1 month ago Denise Streng Dubuque, IA
2424 1 month ago Gregory Alexandre Colorado Springs, CO I have no message, all the accumulated facts, histories and peoples have more to say than i possibly ever could. May the God of my fathers bless you and keep you and your families, safe, sound and s...
2423 1 month ago Brady Beard Princeton, NJ
2422 1 month ago Carlos Townsend Fountain Valley, CA !Por Favor :)
2421 1 month ago Lynn Abbott Green Bay, WI
2420 1 month ago Frances Dunham Gulf Breeze, FL
2419 Nancy Kim Los Angeles, CA
2418 Katherine Schock Rock Springs, WY
2417 Sophia Har Washington, DC
2416 Douglas Newman Winnipeg, MB
2415 Mary Spano Edgewater, MD
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