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Art is Not a Crime - Drop the Charges

Art activism has been a key element of social protest and social change. Four of our friends have been arrested and charged with "defacing public or private property," for pasting up a commemorative mural with water-dissolvable wheat paste (click here to watch a video of the mural action). They are facing a maximum sentence of up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Please sign the petition and hit the submit button below to ask U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen Jr. to drop the charges.

1-25 of 2441 signatures
Number Date Name Location Your message:
2441 1 month ago Joyce Cable Milwaukee, WI
2440 2 months ago K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
2439 4 months ago Michael DeMoran Venice, FL
2438 4 months ago Carolina Valder Charlotte, NC
2437 4 months ago jim head oak park, MI
2436 4 months ago Alise Pemsler Eagle, ID
2435 4 months ago Jerry Pendergast Chicago, IL
2434 5 months ago Sojat Hills Little Falls, NY
2433 5 months ago William Leight Amherst, MA
2432 5 months ago Linda Gilbert Manchester, CT
2431 5 months ago Scott A. Weir, Ph.D. (Economics) Durham, NC I was taught that the US is a government of laws, not of men. But using the law selectively to punish and suppress peaceful dissent is always counterproductive, and carried to its extreme can result...
2430 5 months ago Marlena Santoyo Philadelphia, PA
2429 5 months ago Christiane Pistor New York, NY U.S. Attorney Machen,

On Wednesday, May 14, human rights activists engaged in a first amendment activity by pasting up a mural with water-dissolvable wheat paste in Washington, DC. The mur...
2428 5 months ago Alessandra Bravo Sarasota, FL
2427 5 months ago Christopher Radulich Apollo Beach, FL
2426 5 months ago Steve Fryburg Bellbrook, OH Another way of suppressing the ideas of the people.
2425 5 months ago Denise Streng Dubuque, IA
2424 5 months ago Gregory Alexandre Colorado Springs, CO I have no message, all the accumulated facts, histories and peoples have more to say than i possibly ever could. May the God of my fathers bless you and keep you and your families, safe, sound and s...
2423 5 months ago Brady Beard Princeton, NJ
2422 5 months ago Carlos Townsend Fountain Valley, CA !Por Favor :)
2421 5 months ago Lynn Abbott Green Bay, WI
2420 5 months ago Frances Dunham Gulf Breeze, FL
2419 Nancy Kim Los Angeles, CA
2418 Katherine Schock Rock Springs, WY
2417 Sophia Har Washington, DC
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