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End the Militarization of Rio Blanco and Respect Indigenous Rights

On September 12, Berta Caceres, Tomas Gomez, and Aureliano Molina must appear in court where the Honduran government and a hydroelectric dam company are pressing charges in a highly politicized case aimed at criminalizing COPINH and breaking the incredibly strong Indigenous Lenca resistance to hydroelectric dams and other megaproyects being imposed in Lenca territory.
On July 15, Indigenous Lenca community leader Tomas Garcia was murdered by the Honduran military in Rio Blanco, Honduras at a protest calling for the Agua Zarca Project to leave his community's territory. He was shot at close range multiple times. Tomas' murder is the latest escalation in two months of repression by the military in Rio Blanco.

Call on the US to end military aid to Honduras, ensure no US military aid is used to repress the Rio Blanco community, and ask the Honduran officials to end the judicial persecution of COPINH, withdraw the military from the Rio Blanco, and respect ILO Convention 169 on the rights of Indigenous Peoples.