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We've been fighting the Keystone XL pipeline for years now, but President Obama is expected to make his decision in just a matter of weeks. The bravest, boldest and smartest people fighting this pipeline are mobilizing to send a powerful message in the key last week of April -- one that will be difficult for the President to ignore -- and they’re inviting everyone to join them.

Here’s the plan for the action, called Reject and Protect:

First, on April 22nd, the Cowboy Indian Alliance -- a group of tribal communities, ranchers, and farmers from along the pipeline route -- will ride into DC on horseback, past the White House, and set up camp on the National Mall. They’ll raise tipis, burn sage, and for five days they will hold ceremonies and demonstrations to make sure President Obama sees the true cost of approving the pipeline.

Then on April 26th at 11 AM, they have invited all of us to join them for our closing argument against Keystone XL. Thousands of people will be converging to hand deliver a hand-painted tipi to President Obama — a symbol of both our hope that he will live up to his promises, and our promise to stand with farmers, ranchers and tribal leaders to resist the pipeline should he approve it.

This might very well be our last chance to join hands against Keystone XL before the President’s decision. This isn’t the time to sit out.

Will you join in?
RSVP for the Reject and Protect march on April 26th.

We'll have more pipelines and more projects to fight after this one. But next month we will show the President that organized people can beat organized money -- and that he needs to tell us which side he’s on.

In solidarity,

Carleen Pickard
Executive Director

P.S. In the Bay Area? Join us for an Earth Day house party screening of A Fierce Green Fire as it premiers on PBS. RSVP for San Francisco or Oakland.

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