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Dear Supporter,

The 25th Anniversary Reality Tour to Oaxaca returned early last month. Participants had the opportunity to experience Day of the Dead celebrations and meet with artists, healers, indigenous leaders, and activists in the region to learn how communities are organizing to fight repression, sustain their livelihoods and defend their languages and culture.

One Reality Tour participant had this to say:

“We got to meet and understand how the indigenous people are grappling with their modern world. It made me feel hope that small groups of people can effect change. I see what can be accomplished by collaboration.”

As you plan your travels for 2014, we invite you to visit Mexico with Global Exchange as we visit the state of Chiapas in March and August. Like Oaxaca, Chiapas is a region of rich organizing and resistance. Learn about the direct effects of corporate globalization in the context of NAFTA and the on-going efforts for indigenous autonomy, economic justice, and democracy, sparked by the Zapatista revolution.

We invite you to join us on these inspirational trips in 2014!

Corina Nolet
Latin America Reality Tours Director

P.S. Bringing the realities of the failure of the war on drugs in Mexico to the United States, the Voices of the Victims speaking tour just finished it’s 11-city tour. Father, poet, peace activist, and activist Javier Sicila and other parents of drug war violence victims met with communities and policy groups across the United States to discuss the human cost in Mexico and call for reform. Learn more about the Voices of Victims tour.

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