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For the past two weeks, the Voices of Victims tour has zigzagged across North America building a groundswell of support for reforming the War on Drugs that has killed over 70,000 people in Mexico.

The tour, featuring Mexican poet and activist Javier Sicilia, along with other drug war victims is connecting with Mexican, U.S., and Canadian opinion leaders to engage in a serious debate about the future of drug policy, mass incarceration, immigration, and arms and security policies affecting our shared region.

Starting in the two U.S. states to legalize marijuana, our group visited Colorado and Washington to discuss profound social implications of the marijuana reform laws and to explore what the broader international outcomes of legalization will be.

Then, traveling back and forth through Canada and the U.S., we witnessed the public health approach to the drug issue in Vancouver when visiting a safe injection site, spoke to survivors of gun violence at a roundtable discussion in Toronto, met with Members of Parliament in Ottawa, saw firsthand the brutality behind the militarization of the U.S./Mexico border in our visit to Tucson, AZ, and spoke at Stanford University about the importance of passing the Victim's Law in Mexico, which put faces and names to the statistics of death and disappearances in the country.

Phew. And we are only halfway through our journey! Won't you help us continue the work of the Voices of Victims tour so that we can continue to amplify the conversations and connections that have already begun to rethink drug policy?

Help us complete the tour as we bring the powerful message of bi-national peace, solidarity, and action to: activists working for sensible gun legislation in Chicago, immigrants in Los Angeles working to end militarization of the border, policymakers at the Organization of American States working to bring alternative solutions to the drug policy debate, and advocates in Mississippi working to shift the discussion around mass incarceration of young African-American men in this country and the violence against immigrants and communities of color.

Get the complete dates of the tour on our website, on-the-road updates at our People-to-People blog, and follow the hashtag #VoicesofVictims13 on Twitter.

Hope to see you on the road,

Kirsten Moller
Director of Organizing

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