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Dear Supporter,

In a verdict that shocked many across the United States, a jury acquitted George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin’s death is more than a tragedy for one family, as deep and as profound as that is, it is an indictment of a state that accepts gun ownership, concealed weapon carry laws and Stand Your Ground laws. The tragedy is also an indictment of our country where fear of black boys and men is legitimated by law and portrayed as “normal.”

Senseless deaths of people whose families mourn with the same deep grief that you see in the faces of Trayvon Martin’s parents are too well-known by our neighbors in Mexico where impunity, fear, and easy access to guns run rampant as a result of the drug war.

Last summer, the Mexican poet, Javier Sicilia, who lost a son to drug war related violence, led a month-long, U.S. coast-to-coast Caravan for Peace calling for new federal legislation to regulate guns and for solutions to the drug war that won’t separate and divide communities with tragic consequences.

This fall, the Voices of Victims speaking tour will, once again, come to the U.S. The tour hopes to build a movement strong enough to honor the memory of the fallen sons and build a movement capable of delivering true justice.

Stay tuned for more information about the speaking tour or contact Ted Lewis at ted@globalexchange.org.


Kirsten Moller
Director of Organizing

P.S. Take action and sign the petition to stop gun smuggling to Mexico.

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