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Dear Supporter,

After our winners were chosen for this year’s What About Peace? contest, we discovered something very interesting about three of the top winning artists; though they used different styles and mediums, they shared one thing in common – their teacher: Scott Graber of West Lawn, Pennsylvania.

We wondered how someone could inspire such thoughtful work and decided to give him a call.

Scott Graber has been teaching art for 14 years and has one of the most dedicated and inspiring teaching styles. We asked him what he did to open his students to the message of peace. Here's what he did:

He started with a class discussion about peace – from inner peace to world peace and then showed a slide show of the vibrant, anti-war pop culture posters of Peter Max to experience how to make art with a message. They listened to John Lennon’s “Imagine” and listed the emotions, moods, colors and images that came to their minds.

As they worked, Graber would continue to encourage and ask if the student was working to their full potential – reminding them that their name would be on the finished piece and represents them, teaching strategies he learned from the biggest influence in his life – his own high school art teacher.

All in all the process lasted 3 weeks from start to finish, with lots of great conversations about peace and some really creative answers to the question: What About Peace?

Are you a teacher? Encourage your students to take the time to make art with a message and build that creative dialogue that will make a difference in this world.

Inspiration can be passed from teacher to student to the world in more ways than you always know. Thank you Scott Graber for your inspiration!

Kirsten Moller
Director of Organizing

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