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Dear Supporter,

Healing Walk. photo: flickr.com/itstimetoriseupLast month, climate scientists found that for the first time in human history, the amount of carbon dioxide in our planet's atmosphere hit 400 parts per million -- a number way beyond the limit of what is needed to maintain a healthy planet.

One month from now on July 5-6, people from coast to coast will be hosted by the First Nations and Metis communities on the Healing Walk in Ft. McMurray, Alberta – ground zero of the tar sands extraction – to look at the destruction caused by what is called a 'carbon bomb' and be part of the healing of the planet.

When you join the Healing Walk, you will see the tar sands for yourself and have the opportunity to join others to heal the communities and land, and return home to take action with passion and determination. You will be amongst those directly affected by the tar sands who stand up everyday to speak on behalf of the land.

You will march with Beaver Lake Cree Nation mother and tar sands fighter, Crystal Lameman, who was honored just last month at Global Exchange’s Human Rights Awards and inspired everyone in the audience with her telling words,

“When disaster strikes it is not going to know race, color or creed. I’m here to tell you, when that happens, the greed is going to see that it cannot eat money and you cannot drink oil.  And that we all bleed the same color. …If the government and industry think that throwing money at us is going to make this better, I choose life and my children’s lives and I choose health over money.”

Sign up to join the Healing Walk.

Together we’ll come back ready to Beat the Heat this summer, fight the Keystone XL pipeline, work for climate justice and stop the tar sands.

In solidarity,

Carleen Pickard
Executive Director
Global Exchange

Healing Walk photo credit: flickr.com/itstimetoriseup

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