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Dear Supporter,

We did it. Together, Global Exchange supporters from nearly all 50 states mailed over 600 ‘Do Not Disturb Democracy’ door hangers to Congress.

These door hangers provided a fun and strategic way for constituents to move past frustration with Congress to spark communication, dialogue and action about our concerns regarding corporate money in politics.

Next, we held a call-in day where dozens of participants called their Senators and Representative wanting to know if their door hangers had arrived and if they had been hung on their doors. Rep. Barbara Lee even sent us a photo of her with the doorhanger!

Constituents then asked for public statements from elected officials willing to go ‘On the Record’ with their official position on money in politics.

This follow-up puts direct pressure on elected officials to represent US instead of prioritizing relationships with high-powered corporate lobbyists.

Together, we are contributing to the grassroots foundation of a movement to end the corrosive influence of money in politics. Calling and meeting with elected officials and staff is crucial to making it clear that money in politics is something voters all over the country will be thinking about during election season.

Regardless of the issues at hand, whether it is gun control, immigration, budget, or regulating Wall Street, we must free our democracy from the clutches of corporate money, and from the undue level of influence corporate lobbyists assert.

Thank you for participating with us. Your action makes all the difference. Together, we can organize to build power to protect and reclaim our democracy.

For a just future,

Hillary V Lehr
Elect Democracy
Campaign Director

Global Exchange
We are an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.
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