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Dear Supporter,

Passover is a time to reflect on the liberation of the oppressed, so we encourage you to read Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb’s recent piece on why she refuses to drink SodaStream fizzy water until Palestinians are no longer exploited on their own land.

SodaStream's main production site is in the illegal West Bank Settlement of the Mishor Edomin Industrial Zone, where the company conceals the fact that its products are manufactured in a settlement by using ‘Made in Israel’ labels. As an Israeli settlement manufacturer, it exploits Palestinian land, resources and labor.

Boycotting SodaStream can mean a variety of actions -  activists have targeted shops that sell the product during holidays, asking that it be removed from the shelves, secured Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions resolutions through faith based affiliations, jamming the company ads and signing the Interfaith Boycott Coalition petition.

As Rabbi Gottlieb writes, “As it is, when you use the SodaStream device to make fizzy water, you are enjoying the fruits of oppression. To me, that is not kosher for Passover.

Global Exchange encourages you to learn more about SodaStream and find out various ways to get involved with the campaign.

Andrea Hightower
Middle East Reality Tour Director
Global Exchange

P.S. Learn about Fair Trade cooperatives in Palestine on a Reality Tour this November.

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