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Human Rights Heroes come in all guises – from well known international activists negotiating cease fires to union organizers standing up for service workers to moms supporting marriage equality. 
There are heroes aplenty in the world, which leads us to one pointed question: Have you shared yours yet?

Last week, I sent an announcement asking you to take part in our People’s Choice Award contest, our annual contest that shines a spotlight on the individuals and organizations working to support human rights around the world. Don’t worry if you haven’t jumped in. There’s still time to get in on the action! 

Nominating and voting are both happening right now, and you don’t want to miss the chance to highlight the work of the hero who inspires you (it can be you or your organization, too). The winner will receive $1,000 toward their work, and they'll be recognized at our upcoming Human Rights Awards on May 9th in San Francisco alongside 2013 honoree, Noam Chomsky.

After you’ve taken part, make sure to raise awareness and attention for your People's Choice nominee. Spread the word and encourage your friends and supporters to vote on Facebook and Twitter.  

The contest ends March 22 at 5PM PST, so don't wait to participate!

Thank You,

Carleen Pickard
Executive Director
Global Exchange
Global Exchange
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