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California Communities Rising Against Fracking – Join us on the Tour!

This April we’re leading a week-long tour through California’s Fracklands. Our aim is to educate residents about the dangers of fracking and organizing to oppose and stop it.

The tour will target communities throughout the largest shale regions in Central and Southern California with a final rally in Los Angeles.

We will bring prominent voices, community activists, scientists, and anti-fracking leaders to California audiences, offering a menu of ways for communities to engage.

California Gets Fracked 

Big Oil is rushing to extract fossil fuel from the state's underground shale formation. But will it contaminate — and waste — portions of our water supply? Learn more: California Gets Fracked 

Got Land? First deed easement recognizing the Rights of Nature

J. Stephen Cleghorn, a Pennsylvania organic farmer, has become the first landowner in the U.S. to use a conservation easement, a kind of deed restriction that limits certain types of uses or prevents development from taking place on a piece of property. This easement bans hydro-fracking for shale gas, elevating the Rights of Nature above the power claimed by extractive energy corporations used to devastate the environment.

Community Rights hits the big screen: We The People 2.0

We The People 2.0 is a new film that tells the story about the developing movement for community rights and the rights of nature. More than 150 communities across the United States have put in place laws that challenge the existing legal structure that grants corporations more governing authority than communities. The film is being made by Tree Media, producers of Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour and the new film Urban Roots.

For Community Rights, 

Alina Evans

Program Intern
Community Rights Program

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