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A Bright Candle in the Darkness

In mid-August 2012 the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity -- led by the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of Mexicans murdered and disappeared during the drug war -- began its sojourn across the United States.

Starting from the Pacific shoreline where the wall dividing the U.S. from Mexico meets the sea, the 120-person caravan traversed 5,700 miles, holding events in 26 cities and generating extensive coverage in most of the major media markets in the U.S. and Mexico.

On the U.S. side, a broad array of religious, police, Latino, labor, African-American, human rights, survivor, parent, artistic, peace, university, and other organizations from the U.S., Canada and Mexico endorsed the message of the Caravan.

They worked with NGOs who broke policy ‘silos’ to draw the connections between U.S. drug, immigration, gun, prison, public health, Latin America, criminal justice and the twisted priorities of the drug war that continue to frustrate reform efforts. Continue reading this article at our People-to-People blog.

Now with the end of the 2012 U.S. election and as inexorable demographic changes take hold, the possibilities for immigration justice, prison reform, ending drug war policies, and victories on a host of other important struggles comes closer. As President Obama himself said on Spanish language TV during the campaign: "Change does not come from Washington, but from outside."

We hope you will work with us to keep the Caravan’s candles burning and organize that change. Support Global Exchange's Mexico and Human Rights work.

Ted Lewis
Human Rights Director
Global Exchange
We are an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.
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