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It’s here! Now is the moment to take action and STICK IT TO SUPER PACS!

Our brand new Stick it to Super PACs action page helps make it impossible for the Top Five Richest Super PACs to ignore our voices. We need you to join the effort and be a wrench in the gears of odious Super PACs that are drowning out everything except big-money corporate speech.

It's easy and only take a few moments. Go to www.StickItToSuperPACs.org and add your voice to the flood of emails, phone calls, Facebook posts, and Tweets that are clogging the lines of Super PACs today.

Tell corporate dollars to get out of the way of democracy. It's time to make life as a Super PAC less comfortable.

Tell your friends to take action with you today! That $433 million being pumped into Super PACs is coming from the corporate interests willing to spend tens of millions to get candidates in office that allow their greed to go unchallenged.

Take two minutes now
to stand up for real elections, not auctions, directly in front of those who seek to buy them off.

Go get ‘em!

Hillary V Lehr
Elect Democracy
Campaign Director

P.S. While your dollars might not scale up with Super PACs, they sure do mean a lot to us. If you like what we’re going to Stick It to Super PACs, stick a few bucks in our pocket to help us keep the pressure on!

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