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Dear Supporter,

I’d like personally thank you for banding together with the Elect Democracy campaign and standing up to Wall Street. Together, we can reclaim and protect our democracy from corporate takeover.

It's time to Elect Democracy for a change.

Here's our game plan: First, we need to clearly explain how democracy is no longer in office (hint: the undue influence of corporate power). Secondly, we have to create real change by exposing and voraciously challenging big bank campaign contributions to Congress. Are you in?

Elect Democracy is not about telling people who to vote for. Instead, we are telling the plain truth about how corporations have overrun our democracy, and then sharing tools to confront it. We can engage with our political system in a way that enables real democracy, real justice, and real stability. But it’s going to take all of us.

The first thing you can do is easy: #DeclareIndependence this July 4th.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, simply post or tweet about what *you* want to #DeclareIndependence from. There is plenty to #DeclareIndependence from:

  • corporate money in politics;
  • Wall Street’s greed;
  • rule by the 1%
  • you name it!
Speak your mind, and tweet your heart out with us July 3-4.

I’ll send a reminder about #DeclareIndependence next Tuesday. Hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations are on board to join this social media day of action. Join in and speak up!

Thanks again for joining me. You can learn more about Elect Democracy by checking out our webpage, following our Facebook & Twitter feeds, and by reading our blogs. We’ll keep you updated on our campaign’s progress and about future opportunities to stand up against Wall Street’s greed.

In solidarity,

Hillary V Lehr
Elect Democracy
Campaign Director

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We are an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.
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