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Dear Supporter,

This summer’s Caravan for Peace was officially announced in Mexico City yesterday.

Victims of the failed Drug War in Mexico, representatives from drug policy reform think tanks, gun violence prevention groups, faith and migrant rights-based organizations and members from peace and justice movements joined forces at two press conferences yesterday morning.

The Caravan, to be led by victims of Mexico’s atrocious war and their partners in pain north of the border will cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego on August 12, heading east along the US-Mexico border, through the Southeast and then north to Chicago, New York City and arrive in Washington DC in early September. See the Caravan route.

Since 2006 over 60,000 Mexicans have been murdered, more than 10,000 disappeared, and over a 160,000 displaced, all a result of the Drug War- a 41 year old “war” with no victory in sight.

The United States is partly to blame. Ineffective drug laws drive obscene profits into cartel coffers. Lax gun regulations mean U.S. weapons flow freely into Mexico and into cartel hands. And our foreign policy funds further militarization of the conflict, exacerbating the violence.

Meanwhile, the trouble also hits home: over 1,100 Americans are killed each year in drug- related violence, 500,000 are incarcerated for drug-related offenses, and 7 million struggle with drug abuse or dependence.

The Mexican victims are particularly interested in making the links to victims of the drug war in the US — where mass incarceration and deportations disproportionately affect communities of color.

Travelling in buses, cars, vans and RVs, the victims of violence will bring their message of suffering, their hope for peace and help to build the movement that can make the change happen.

You are invited to join on this cross-country cry for peace, justice and dignity. Fill out this form to get involved in a local host committee if you live along the route. See the list of those involved in the Caravan.

If you can’t go on the road with us you can support Global Exchange to make the Caravan a success.

Your generous donation will go a long way towards guaranteeing the success of the Caravan.

Hope to see you on the road,

Kirsten Moller
Director of Organizing

press conference photo credit: Eduardo Miranda

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