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  • VOTE to help Global Exchange win $5,000 for a Rights of Nature Youth Summit
  • Community Rights is headed to the Rio+20 Earth Summit next week!
  • Transition Town, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • IPS New Economy Working Group discusses Rights of Nature
  • New Book Spotlight
VOTE to help Global Exchange win $5,000 for a Rights of Nature Youth Summit

The Community Rights program entered the “Doing GOOD This Summer” challenge to win $5,000 for our work.

Our proposal is for a Rights of Nature Youth Summit where youth can begin to address the questions: What does it mean to give rights to nature, and how different would our world look like if we did? We want this summit to give youth the tools to lead this movement in their communities by asserting their rights over corporations and recognizing the rights of nature.

Vote for the Rights of Nature Youth Summit today. Voting ends Friday, June 29th.

Rio+20 Earth Summit next week: The Greed Economy vs. Rights for Nature

Community Rights Program Director, Shannon Biggs, will be traveling to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil next week for the Rio+20 United Nations Earth Summit.

We will join our international allies to advocate for recognizing Rights of Nature as an alternative cultural and legal framework to the official corporate-led ‘Green Economy’ agenda being put forward by the UN at the summit.

Stay updated on the discussion about Rights of Nature at Rio+20 by reading Global Exchange's People-to-People blog.

New Report Being Released on Rights of Nature

Global Exchange is pleased to announce the release of a new report in time for the Rio+20 Earth Summit titled Rights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real Change.

This report takes a look at the flaws behind the Green Economy agenda and explores in depth ways in which Rights of Nature can be applied as a legal framework to help solve many of the problems currently plaguing the environment. 

The report includes articles from leading activists such as former UN Ambassador to Bolivia Pablo Solón, Vandana Shiva, Maude Barlow, Alberto Acosta, and many more. Stay tuned for more on how you can access the report and other updates from Rio+20!

San Luis Obispo County Transition Towns hosts meeting on Community Rights

Last month, the Community Rights Program spoke at a meeting hosted by Transition Towns in San Luis Obispo, CA (SLO) to present our work assisting communities to assert their rights above corporations. Faced with the threat of fracking, SLO is beginning a dialogue around the possibility of a countywide campaign to pass a rights-based ordinance banning fracking.

While there, I also spoke to a group of Cal Poly University students about community rights organizing and how we can begin to engage young people in our work. If your college or youth organization is interested in learning more about Community and Nature’s rights, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact me at kylie@globalexchange.org.

Joining the call for Rights of Nature

Last week, Shannon Biggs spoke on two different calls with our allies discussing the Rights of Nature. The first, with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), explored management of ‘The Commons’ and Rights of Nature as alternatives to the privatization and financialization of natural resources. Included were speakers such as David Korten, Founder of YES! Magazine

The second call, hosted by the Indigenous Environmental Network’s US Food Sovereignty Alliance, discussed both the local and international work to pass ordinances into law that recognize rights for nature and help communities assert self-governing rights while stripping corporations of their constitutional privileges. Other speakers included Jihan Gearon of the Black Mesa Water Coalition who discussed indigenous communities’ fight against two federal bills that have been introduced conceding their water rights to a major mining company. 

New Book Spotlight: IFG Founder Jerry Mander Explains Our Capitalist Calamity

Jerry Mander argues in his new book “The Capitalism Papers” that today’s capitalist system is increasingly non-viable and obsolete. He claims that in today’s resource-restrained global economy, “the [capitalist] system is killing the planet, dismantling democracy, promoting wars and making people less happy, not more.” The book defines new hierarchies of democratic and social values that will respect the planet and ensure a sustainable future, including Rights of Nature. For more information, visit IFG’s website.


Kylie Nealis
Program Associate, Community Rights

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