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In advance of the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil next week, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) released a 525-page report on the health of the planet.

In short, she’s really ill.

The report states, “Several critical global, regional and local thresholds are close or have been exceeded ... Abrupt and possibly irreversible changes to the life-support functions of the planet are likely to occur."
It was a very different time at the first UN Earth Summit in 1992. Global awareness that human activity was causing the destruction gave rise to the idea that nations could come together and put forward global solutions to solve the emerging crisis

This year, inside the formal negotiations, member states are being driven towards adopting a paradigm, deceptively called the “Green Economy.” The UNEP is promoting the idea that we can only “save” nature by putting a price on what nature “does” for humans.

Global Exchange doesn’t believe putting a price on nature is the path to protecting nature, and we’ll be there to confront what we’re against.

While in Rio, we'll be unveiling our new report Rights of Nature: Planting Seeds of Real Change which includes articles from leading activists such as former UN Ambassador to Bolivia Pablo Solón, Vandana Shiva, Maude Barlow, Alberto Acosta, and many more. Sign up to the Community Rights e-mail list and receive a download of the report once it is released.

Follow Community Rights Program Director, Shannon Biggs' updates from Rio as she joins our international allies to advocate for recognizing Rights of Nature as an alternative cultural and legal framework to the official corporate-led ‘Green [read: Greed] Economy’ agenda being put forward by the UN at the summit.

You can stay updated on the discussion about Rights of Nature at Rio+20 by reading Global Exchange's People-to-People blog.


Shannon Biggs
Director, Community Rights Program

Vote for the Rights of Nature Youth Summit today. Voting ends Friday, June 29th.

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