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Dear Supporter,

For the past six weeks, Javier Sicilia has been touring the U.S. to lay the ground work for an historic End the Drug War Peace Caravan this summer to be led by Mexico's Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD).

Just this morning, Javier appeared on Democracy Now! to talk about the national emergency in Mexico and how the major mobilizations he has led to make visible the fear, suffering, and thirst for justice of thousands of families impacted by drug related violence in Mexico.

He went on to explain why the MPJD has chosen to cross the border to organize a major caravan in the U.S., the birthplace of the disastrous war for drug prohibition.

While in the U.S., Javier Sicilia met with thousands of individuals, organizations, and media to raise awareness and build support for the caravan. 

The Caravan, to be led by victims of Mexico’s atrocious war and their partners in pain north of the border will cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego on August 12 and arrive in Washington DC in early September.

The MPJD invites North Americans from all backgrounds, walks of life, and a rainbow of communities to join them their cross-country cry for peace, justice and dignity.

This initiative seeks to promote dialogue with American civil society and its government regarding: the need to stop gun trafficking; the need to debate alternatives to drug prohibition; the need for better tools to combat money laundering; and the need to promote bilateral cooperation in human rights and human security in two priority areas: promotion of civil society and safety, as well as protection and safety for migrants.

Please join part or all of this caravan if you can. Meet us along the route. And even if you can’t go on the road you can support Global Exchange to make the caravan a success.

In New York tonight, Javier Sicilia will receive La Lucha Sigue Award for Activism in the Americas, at NACLA’s 45th anniversary gala.

Find out more about Javier's visit to the U.S. and how to get involved with the Peace Caravan this summer.

Peace and Solidarity,

Ted Lewis
Human Rights Director

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