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Dear Supporter,

Drone protestDrones strikes are wreaking havoc from Pakistan to Gaza with little outcry from the citizens living in the "democracies" that are dropping the missiles. But while protests in the West are still in their embryonic stage, a growing group of activists are at least starting to educate the public, ask questions of their governments and companies, and demand answers.

I’m thrilled to let you all know that my new book - Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control has been released by OR books. It is a comprehensive look at how drones are being used to assassinate people around the world, the legal and moral implications, and how we can build a movement to rein in the drones. It also looks at how drones are coming to your local police department, and what that means for your right to privacy.

Drone bookMy sisters at CODEPINK are organizing a speaking tour and I’d like to ask your help in organizing events in your community to build the future of the international anti-drone movement.

We are reaching out to see if you might be interested in hosting a book tour discussion in your hometown. I’d love to see you. Please be in touch with Alli at alli@codepink.org to get connected!

Also, Global Exchange is offering a copy of the book as a promotion for supporting our work. We’ll send you a copy of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control with your gift of $40 or more.

In Peace,

Medea Benjamin
Co-founder, Global Exchange

P.S. If you are in the DC area, please join us this weekend (April 28-29) for the first International Summit on Drones.

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