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Dear Supporter,

Congratulations! TIME Magazine named “The Protester” as the 2011 Person of the Year.
People across the world are saying enough is enough with the global economic and environmental crisis, and we are responding with a massive outpouring of activism and energy. Together we are changing the rules and creating a world that champions people power not corporate power, builds positive alternatives and promotes human rights, peace and democracy.

When a magazine like TIME names ‘Protesters’ the Person of the Year, it’s clear that our movement has truly captured the zeitgeist.

We are so inspired by the growing movement and the millions who have stood up against oppression, corporate exploitation, and environmental ruin. We, the 99%, are changing the rules!

This is our time! Please make a special gift now, and together we will build a movement that the 1% can’t shut down.

We are in the midst of revolution to end inequality. We are making history. The rule by the greedy few is collapsing. We know it.

We’ve been in the streets standing side-by-side with the 99% around the world who are toppling dictatorships and building democracy, “occupying” for economic equity and justice, marching for climate sanity, sailing to Palestine for justice, caravanning across Mexico for peace, and more.

We are changing the rules and our future!  Together we are building a world that is not controlled by and for the 1%, but democratically led by and for us all. But we can’t do it without you!

Thank you for taking to the streets, camping out in parks, moving your money, signing petitions, calling your representative, raising our call that enough is enough. We honor and celebrate you (and all of our collective actions for change).

We cannot let up. This is our time. The world has not seen the rise of people power like this in decades. Join us. Please give today.

The future of democracy, justice, entire ecosystems and economies hinge on what we do right now.

I hope you join us and make a special gift today!

In peace and hope,

Carleen Pickard
Executive Director

P.S. We want to know why TIME has honored you. We’ll profile your story of protest. In 2011 we joined you in the streets all around the world: Medea in Tahrir Square and Madison, WI, Shannon at #OWS and in Durban, Zarah and Kylie in Oakland, Ted in Mexico, Kirsten at the SOA and breaking up with banks, and I was outside the White House. We want you to add your story. Click here to share.

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