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Economic Activism for Palestine
Dear Supporter,

Join a growing network of initiatives around the world to hold an Israeli occupation profiteer accountable.
Not many across the U.S. have heard of the French multinational Veolia Environnement. But this giant corporation is the biggest water privatization business in the world, and here in the U.S. it runs privatized services, such as buses, water systems, waste disposal and sewage, and bids to privatize Amtrak. 

In Palestine, this company provides services to the illegal Israeli settlements, including operating segregated buses for Israeli settlers only, operating a settler landfill in the occupied Jordan Valley, and engaging in a light rail project designed to connect the city of Jerusalem with illegal settlements around it.

Veolia is not only in violation of international law and human rights through its projects in the occupied Palestinian territory, it has also come under severe criticism for water privatization, widespread corruption, environmental degradation, among other questionable practices. See a 2011 report by Food and Water Watch for more information on this corporation and its unethical actions across the globe.

Recent reports show that Veolia shares are plummeting, and the company has recently disclosed accounting fraud amounting to £90m (over $147 million) in the U.S. from 2007-2010. What they fail to share is that the company’s loss of business is partially attributed to the success of countless campaigns around the world as communities demand to hold Veolia accountable for its crimes in Palestine, and declare themselves “Veolia Free.” Veolia has lost contracts in the billions of dollars in Ireland, Holland, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, France and Wales, as well as in Australia, Iran, and the United States. Most recently, in early August Veolia lost a contract in Ealing Council (London) worth £300m (over $492 million) for local refuse and cleaning management.

Try and make your own community, school, town, church, or workplace “Veolia Free”! In Palestine, Veolia operates segregated buses.  Do they operate your school bus? Use our online tool to see if Veolia has contracts in your community, and email us at baysearchers@gmail.com with any additional contracts you know of. The thrust of a Veolia-free campaign can be framed around barring companies from local government contracts on ethical grounds, or on grounds of grave misconduct. Use this opportunity to educate your community about ethnic segregation and occupation profiteering in Palestine.

More information about Veolia can be found on the website of our Palestine Economic Activism Project (EAP), which seeks to support campaigns for corporate accountability nationally by providing education, training, networking, strategic tools, and research support. The Veolia section of the website:

In solidarity,

Kirsten Moller
Director of Organizing

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