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Freedom From Oil
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This is what 23,000 petition signatures looks like

The Council of Canadians, Greenpeace and the Indigenous Environment Network, more than 30 Canadian and First Nations leaders, 18 organizations and a thousand people (and 23 000 other represented by petition signatures) turned up in Ottawa, Canada this morning to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline - a pipeline which would carry tar sands crude from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico.

At least 180 people were arrested, many of which have now been released and charged with trespassing, after stepping over a fence constructed by the Canadian police in anticipation of the protest.

Among the arrested was Maude Barlow, national chairperson for the Council of Canadians, who spoke to the rally at Centennial Flame, on Parliament Hill. Prior to her arrest she stated,

photo: Council of Canadians

"Tar sands oil is dirty oil. Rather than coming up with a conversion plan to a sustainable energy future, the federal and Alberta  governments are planning massive increases in tar sands production and the  export of this dangerous product to the already oil-ravaged Gulf Coast of Texas. Tar sands mining has destroyed much of Alberta's water table and will  put the fragile Ogallala Aquifer in peril. We join with the millions of  Americans who oppose the expansion of this deadly industry."

Endorsers also arrested were Dave Coles, President of the Canadian Energy and Paperworkers Union and Fred Wilson CEP Executive Assistant, the union that represents energy workers in Canada, Graham Saul of the Climate Action Network, and Mikisew Cree George Poitras.

For photos from the action, visit the Canadian Energy and Paperworkers Union’s flickr photostream and the Council of Canadians photostream.

For more about the protest and what actions you can take to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, visit Global Exchange's People to People blog.

In solidarity,

Carleen Pickard
Associate Director

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