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Economic Activism for Palestine
Dear Supporter,

TIAA-CREF is one of the largest financial services in the United States, and one of the largest retirement systems in the world. Global Exchange is involved in the TIAA-CREF campaign with other key organizations to stop them from investing in companies that profit from the Israeli occupation.

Thought about jumping into the TIAA-CREF campaign but weren't sure how or where to start? Participated in a few campaign events but want to take it to the next level? Look no further!

We are delighted to announce the first We Divest Campaign Organizing Institute. Join US Campaign National Organizer, Anna Baltzer, Founder of Who Profits and Economic Activism for Palestine at Global Exchange, Dalit Baum, and Jewish Voice for Peace Organizing Team, Stefanie Fox and Alissa Wise, for a four session online institute where we will walk through walk through the nuts & bolts of crafting a local BDS campaign focusing on retirement giant TIAA-CREF. The Organizing Institute will help prepare your group to run a strong, vibrant, and winnable divestment campaign.

Spots are limited, so apply today!

We Divest Campaign Organizing Institute Details:

WHO: Activist groups committed to running a local divestment campaign! Each group will send two or more representatives to each of the four sessions. Participants will be reporting back to the group throughout the Organizing Institute to help guide campaign planning.


  • Session 1: Effective Local Campaigns: Drawing on the wisdom of the group as well as our knowledge of history, we’ll collectively review the phases of effective non-violent social justice campaigns. Then we’ll take that “campaign build” into action by discussing the strategies and goals of the We Divest campaign and sharing the pre-work research about our local areas. By the end of this session, you will start envisioning possibilities in the specifics of your community.
    • Tuesday, September 27, 5pm-7pm PST (8pm-10pm EST)
  • Session 2: Choosing Local Goals and Targets: We’ll get down to brass tacks in our discussion of your goals and targets at a local level—where will your leverage be? how will you escalate over time? how will you measure success?
    • Tuesday, October 11  5pm-7pm PST (8pm-10pm EST)
  • Session 3: Messaging & Media: You’ve got a great campaign plan shaping up, now how do you get the story out? In this call, we’ll help each other develop powerful framing and messaging for your campaign as well as plans for getting your campaign into local press.  
    • Thursday, October 20,  5pm-7pm PST (8pm-10pm EST)
  • Session 4: The Arc of Action: In this session, we’ll hash out your vision for action and escalation, and then go over tools to help you plan all the aspects of a fabulous first action.
    • Wednesday, November 2,  5pm-7pm PST (8pm-10pm EST)

We will meet in an online meeting room. Participants MUST have access to a computer with reliable internet access and a telephone.

Spots are limited! To reserve your spot and to get the pre-work assignments, apply today by clicking here!

Thank you for standing in solidarity and taking action to bring justice in Palestine through corporate accountability.

Dalit Baum

Economic Activism for Palestine
Global Exchange

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