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Freedom From Oil
Dear Supporter,

This week, the U.S. Senate couldn't muster the votes to end a small portion – just $2 billion a year -- of the taxpayer subsidies for the 5 biggest US oil companies. At the same time, Fortune Magazine released its list of the 500 largest companies in America, with ExxonMobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips nabbing the second, third, and fourth slots.

Chevron, California’s largest company, brought in nearly $20 billion in profits last year, yet it still lobbied aggressively against cutting its precious subsides. What did Chevron do with its vast wealth? According to its Annual Report and the actors in its “We Agree” Ad campaign, Chevron supported human rights, alternative energy, the environment, and local economies.

The reality is much different and the people who know best are on their way to the Bay Area to expose the true cost of Chevron. You can learn from, support, and join them at four critical upcoming events:

  1. Saturday, May 21 at 7pm
    Victoria Street Theatre
    2961 16th Street, San Francisco, CA
    Hear from Emem Okon of Nigeria, and see The Naked Option, a film about the Nigerian women’s movement.

  2. Monday, May 23 at 7pm
    The True Cost of Chevron Public Teach-In
    The Brower Center
    2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA
    Hear from Humberto Piaguaje, Amazon Defense Coalition, Ecuador; Emem Okon, Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre, Nigeria; Mardan Pius Ginting, WALHI - Friends of the Earth Indonesia, Indonesia; Gitz Crazyboy (Ryan Deranger), First Nation Dene/Pikini (Blackfoot), Alberta, Canada; Elias Isaac, Open Society Initiative, Angola; Tom Evans, of the Native village of Nanwalek, CookInlet Keepers, Alaska; and many more at this critical public teach-in.

  3. Tuesday, May 24
    The release of the third annual, The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report. The report includes accounts by more than 40 authors – led by those on the front lines of Chevron’s operations -- recording egregious corporate behavior in locations as diverse as California, Burma, Colombia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, the Philippines and the U.S. Gulf Coast. E-mail me at antonia@globalexchange.org if you're interested in ordering a copy of the report.

  4. Wednesday, May 25
    Chevron's World Headquarters
    6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA
    At a time of skyrocketing oil prices, corporate greed, and human and environmental abuses, join community leaders from around the nation and world to protest at chevron’s meeting.

Hope to see you there!


Antonia Juhasz
Global Exchange Energy Program Director

[Chevron photo credit: Rainforest Action Network]

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