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Economic Activism for Palestine
Dear Supporter,

Who really profits from the Israeli occupation? What economic interests further entrench the colonization and exploitation of Palestinian land and resources? How can we influence corporate policies affecting Palestine – and through this work weaken and isolate the occupation?

I'm Dalit Baum, and as a feminist anti-occupation activist teaching gender and the global economy at Haifa University and Beit Berl College in Israel, I found these questions crucial to our work for justice in Palestine. To try to answer them I helped start and have coordinated an activist research initiative called Who Profits from the Occupation within the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel. During the last four years, Who Profits has become a vital resource for dozens of campaigns around the world, providing information about corporate complicity in the occupation of Palestine.

Now I am pleased to have joined Global Exchange as an ‘Activist in Residence’ as the director of its new project, Economic Activism for Palestine, launching this month.

The Economic Activism for Palestine project responds to the July 2005 Unified Call of Palestinian civil society for a wide variety of initiatives such as boycotts, divestment and sanctions until Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights. Through our new project, Global Exchange will increase its participation in a growing network of civil society initiatives around the world, dedicated to changing corporate policies and making the occupation less profitable. We will support existing campaigns for divestment and corporate accountability nationally, as well as help create new ones through education, training, networking and the development of dedicated tools.

We have changed the name of this listserv to reflect our focus of the Economic Activism for Palestine project. We plan to provide you with information about the corporations around us that are directly complicit in the occupation of Palestine, with updates about different initiatives we can join and support in order to effectively change corporate activities in Palestine, as well as with urgent action and events notices.

I’m speaking with Medea Benjamin in DC about "People power and the struggles for freedom in Egypt and Palestine," at 6 PM, the Marvin Center Amphitheater at the George Washington University. My tour continues in NYC and Philadelphia next week. You can see an updated list of future speaking events on my events page.

If you want to be in touch with me about the work you are doing in your community, please write to dalit@globalexchange.org. I’d love to come to your community and speak.

If you can’t make the event tonight, you can check out my article, written with my colleague in Who Profits, Merav Amir: "Economic Activism: Working from Within," and read Medea’s recent article titled “Republicans and Democrats Agree: Cut Aid for Poor People, Not Israel.”

Looking forward to working with you for justice in Palestine through corporate accountability,

Dalit Baum

Economic Activism for Palestine Project Director
Activist in Residence with Global Exchange

P.S. Global Exchange is hiring! Join the Global Exchange family.

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