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Fair Trade - National

Have a little creative fun with the Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign!

Announcing our Brand Jamming contest…

Create an ad or tagline asking Hershey to end pervasive child and forced labor and trafficking in the cocoa fields and replace it with Fair Trade.


  • Slogan/tagline
  • Advertisement, up to 8.5x11
  • Video, up to 2 minutes

Deadline for submissions:  March 24, 2011

We will use the submissions in our Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign (to learn more about the campaign, click here.

Once submissions are in, we will invite you to vote on the winners.


Contest information, rules, and how to submit your entry is available here.

Click here for information about brand jamming, examples of other brand jamming campaigns, Hershey ads and slogans that you can parody, and ideas and information to get you started.

Please forward this email broadly.

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